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The list of circuits below is only indicative of the great classics of the trip to Madagascar.
We also offer personalized tours according to your wishes and convenience.


A very nice circuit that offers you many surprises:
• – The most famous natural park in the country
• – Fauna and flora endemic to Madagascar
• – Original, sumptuous, naturally beautiful landscapes.
• – Aboriginal people,
• – Original crafts
• – Dream sites
Do not hesitate, it’s too beautiful.


Why the TERMINAL? Well it’s a mini loop that we have reserved especially for you. A very interesting little course, of extraordinary natural beauty, a piece of the world that is intended for you to complete your thirst for discovery and enrich your travel photos.


A circuit that reunites five major cities of Madagascar
• – Tananarive
• – Antsirabe
• – Morondava
• – Manja
• – Morombe
• – Salary
• – Tulear
• – RN7
and again Antsirabe to finish in Antananarivo. An incredibly fascinating route that completes the RN 7 and invites you to discover magical sites like the Tsingy, the baobab paths and many other surprises, not forgetting of course the warm welcome of the local residents.

petite Boucle Sud Ouest

A journey on the Malagasy highlands that promises a total immersion in the most beautiful tourist sites of Madagascar. A destination rallying at once:
• – Sumptuous and varied landscapes
• – fascinating and interesting nature parks
• – Mystic places ready to reveal its secrets
• – Other surprises.
And above all, the meeting with the local population who wishes to participate in your memorable adventure by offering you:
• – Hospitality
• – Very rich culture
• – Attractive craftsmanship that makes this region famous.
In short it’s a circuit not to be missed.

From the capital Antananarivo we head west to reach Miandrivazo, from there we embark on a bush taxi boat for a magnificent cruise along the great river Tsiribihina, to discover another facet, original, authentic of the Malagasy environment. After a short walk to the baobab paths, we join the capital to continue our journey to the lush East promises to deliver its wonders.
A very interesting course, full of discoveries, knowledge, pleasant memories, the pleasure felt and the warm welcome of the villagers throughout this tour.

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