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Posted by admin on Thursday August 20th, 2015
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Where to taste the Malagasy cuisine?

Savoring a country’s traditional dishes is a good way to get to know the culture of this country. And your adventure in Madagascar will be incomplete if you have not yet tasted the Malagasy gastronomy. And these are not the opportunities you will miss.
For this, there is:
The homestay invitation to appreciate the true traditional Malagasy cuisine during holidays or family reunions.
The gargotes or “hotely gasy” as they are called here serve everywhere simple and authentic dishes.
The street with its lot of small street vendors is also a good place to discover, but avoid if you have a fragile stomach!
The specialized restaurants of the big cities that serve French or Chinese cuisine arranged with Malagasy sauce
Varied specialties by region
The dishes and the way of cooking are also diversified according to the regions. But wherever you are in Madagascar, you will have the opportunity to discover:
The basic dish: the plate of rice declined in several varieties that it is red or white, cooked and accompanied in several ways.
Culinary specialties diversified according to the regions. This is due to the variety of products encountered on the island and to mixtures of ethnic influences.
Tropical fruits and vegetables presented “nature” or prepared in a certain way, a delight not to be missed!
Madagascar a kingdom of spices and condiments: dishes with Malagasy will be pleasantly seasoned, colored and flavored with spices: peppers, green pepper, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, vanilla, clove, nutmeg …
National drinks:
the famous Ranovola, an amber-colored water obtained by pouring boiling water on the bottom of rice attached to the pot.
fresh fruit juice, easy to find on the entire island
rum, the national alcohol also diversified and decorated according to the regions
Malagasy beer, the Three Horses Beer (THB), one of the best in the world
and if you have some digestive problems, you will find in the grocery stores a sparkling mineral water Visy Gasy.

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