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Posted by admin on Thursday August 20th, 2015
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We have partnerships with hotels that are on the axes of our many circuits. Despite the fact that the hotel industry is not the real highlight of tourism in Madagascar, accommodation is not a hindrance to a successful stay. Many alternatives are offered regarding accommodation on the island.


The parks and nature reserves often put at your disposal a ground on which you will be able to install a tent, for a right. There are a few places where you can rent camping gear. The ideal would be to bring your own equipment: tent, mosquito net, sleeping bag, flashlight, etc …. In general, you can find a place to camp everywhere you go. Ask the guide or the driver to indicate the appropriate location while respecting the customs and uses of the place and the safety instructions.

Cheap hotels

For small budgets, hotels equipped with the bare necessities with common sanitary exist everywhere on Madagascar. From hotel rooms to rudimentary falafa bungalows (a derivative of Ravinala: the traveler’s tree), there is a wide choice. This choice of accommodation is for the more adventurous. These small hotels do not install mosquito nets most of the time, so you have to think about taking it on, in addition to a mosquito repellent and a sleeping bag or bed sheet.

Medium budget

This category is the most practical in Madagascar because we find the best quality / price ratio. A bungalow hard with a sufficiently neat comfort, a fairly clean and affordable. Rates are however higher for an Antananarivo hotel, and in the “tourist” areas, than in the provinces. You can find comfortable bungalows by the sea for a reasonable price if you have the courage to look good. These hotels or bungalows are often equipped with everything you need and give satisfactory services.


Major infrastructures are beginning to grow throughout the island. But the most comfortable large hotels are mainly grouped in the capital and in the most frequented areas. From 5 star hotels to “resort” with Spa and all you need, you will find your happiness. The price is much lower than in Europe, but quite large for the local currency. Remember to choose your accommodation in advance and make a reservation, especially during the high seasons (June – July – August and December).

Stay in a house

This is a practice that is not yet very common in Madagascar but is in the process of developing. Indeed, there are guest houses that open their doors to tourists and give the opportunity to live “Malagasy”. Rates are generally reasonable.
If you find yourself in a lost village, you can count on the legendary Malagasy hospitality that provides you with a roof under which to spend the night. It is also possible to practice this type of accommodation by choice provided you ask in advance.

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